Dive, Explore and Experience the Endless Undersea World

“Scuba Adventures  – Pakistan” – the name was inspired by the idea to give opportunity and training to non-divers’ and Certified divers to have the proper knowledge, training and equipment to explore and experience the underwater world under the guidelines of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors’)

Most of us have never had the opportunity to experience the incredible underwater world in Karachi. It is a thrilling experience that cannot be compared with anything else. There is a whole world underwater waiting to be explored and Scuba Adventures – Pakistan aims to give people a chance to avail this adventure in a professional and safe atmosphere.

We offer the highest quality equipment and training for our students – with the best possible measures for safety to keep your scuba experience with us enjoyable, safe and professional. Pure quality breathing air, brand new equipment that is serviced regularly and Instructions by certified PADI instructors and Professionals’ – our aim is to have everything related to Scuba Diving under one sky.

There is whole world out there to explore. 70% of it – and there is a lot to see under-water in the Arabian Sea right here in Pakistan!

Scuba Adventures – Pakistan is a professional dive center as per international standards mandated by PADI – the largest recreational diver training organisation in the world.